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History of the Westshoremen

The Westshoremen Senior Drum and Bugle Corps was formed in 1946 as the Longshoremen. The corps made steady progress and in 1951 won their first V.F.W. National Championship Title. Publicity surrounding the corps national championship reached the Longshoremen Union in New York City, where the union took exceptation to the use of the name. The corps changed their name to the Westshoremen, partly due to the fact that Wormslyburg (where the corps V.F.W. post was located) was on the west side of the Susquehanna River. Over the next few years the corps traveled to California and Florida and captured two more national titles. At the same time, just north in Millersburg, PA the Bonnie Scots Senior Drum and Bugle Corps was also enjoying success and in 1956 the Bonnie Scotts defeated the Westshoremen at the state championships. Unfortunately both corps became unstable, something that would be repeated over the history of the corps. The solution this time was a merger of the two corps. The new corps debuted as the Westshoremen - Bonnie Scots at the State Firemen’s Convention in Carlisle, PA in 1959.
During the 1960’s the Westshoremen established themselves as an innovative and successful drum corps. On September 7th of 1967 in Bridgeport, Connecticut the Westshoremen became a finalist in a new organization called Drum Corps Associates. However, instability returned and the corps left the field following the 1972 season for a brief hiatus. Fortunately, the corps reorganized and returned to competition in 1974 as the Westshoremen, Inc.
In 1978 the National American Legion Title was awarded to the corps at the American Legion National Championships in New Orleans held at the Superdome. However, winning the DCA World Championships still eluded the corps. A championship title became a possibility in 1982 when the corps earned high scores and many first place finishes during the season. However, the corps fell short of the title at the DCA championships. The 1982 season is still remembered as one of the most successful seasons in the Corps history. In 1996 the corps entered its 50th year in existence. The 1996 corps season mirrored the 1982 season with high scores and placements. The ultimate finish of the season became uncertain with a tie the week before the DCA championships and a 2nd place finish after prelims at the DCA World Championships in Rochester, NY. However that night the corps generated one of the finest and most memorable performances in its fifty year history to win its first and only DCA World Championship. 
In 2002 the corps went off the field of competition but not out of existence. Many former members came together to revive the corps to an alumni status. The corps performed for the 1st time as The Westshoremen Alumni at the 2003 Serenade in Brass concert in Harrisburg, PA.

The Westshoremen Alumni continued to enjoy success at Serenade in Brass and treated the audience to an emotional closing for the final Serenade in Brass in 2011. Today the corps continues annual performances at other locations.

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